September 26, 2022

Wow! We are amazed at the response to the SFGATE article. For our new followers here on the website and social media, welcome! We are very thankful for everyone who came out to either try us for the first time or re-visit. With this new influx of business, we ask for your patience as we try our best to keep up. It is especially challenging to predict how busy we're going to be and how much of each menu item to prepare daily. Apologies if we run out of your favorite menu items.

If you or anyone is looking for a part-time job, we are hiring! Please send an email and resume to and we will be in touch.

FYI: If you are a San Mateo Choose Local app user, you can redeem your points here at the BLT. The program is shutting down soon, so please stop by.

Starting October 1, all San Mateo County food establishments will be required to use only fiber-based compostable service ware items. From our inception, the BLT has always used compostable items. It has always been the more costly choice, but one I felt strongly about. However, the new ordinance comes with more stringent guidelines. Our plant-based PLA cold cups will now be replaced with paper, which will not be see-through. For further information, visit:

Once again, thank you for your support! We do love providing you with delicious food and friendly service. 

We will see you soon! Have an amazing week!

Kristi and Team BLT

Read our featured article on SFGATE here:

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